Anthem USA will transform former orphanage and school into ‘Oasis Residential @ Emerson’ 96-bed assisted living facility

 (ST. LOUIS / Jan 24, 2014)

Anthem USA has received the nod to proceed in the construction of Oasis Residential @ Emerson as it received its Certificate of Need from the state of Missouri. The site is located at 5341 Emerson Avenue in the Walnut Park neighborhood in the City of St. Louis. This residential site will simultaneously function as a holistic care training center and serve Veterans and persons with mental health issues who need help with activities of daily living, housing and rehabilitation. Commercial developer AnthemUSA plans to rehabilitate the former St. Mary’s orphanage and Cardinal Ritter Preparatory College, converting the campus into a 96-bed assisted living facility that will offer housing and support services.

A partnership between healthcare professional Kendall Brune’s commercial development firm AnthemUSA and local Pastor Sherman Strong is the catalyst for the future Oasis Residential @ Emerson. Twenty years ago, Pastor Strong and his wife began a facility that served men with mental health issues. His programs now serve an increasing veteran population.

Strong, a veteran himself, has laid the foundation of services in Walnut Park. He explains his program can reach new heights through the relationship with AnthemUSA. “This relationship moving forward with Oasis Residential @ Emerson is ideal economically and from service perspective. This will allow us to consolidate locations into a larger, more upgraded facility, and to ultimately serve the Veterans better. We’ll be able to offer services at the new facility that we couldn’t offer at our old locations, like job training, home placement, certain types of therapy. These are really the tools that can change lives”.

Through his company AnthemUSA, which builds supportive housing for Veterans, Brune saw an opportunity to enhance the infrastructure and capacity of Strong’s current program. Repurposing the new facility will renovate 42,865 square feet of an existing building that was previously used as part of a seminary. Once built, the residential space will also serve as a site for job training and activities.

With more than twenty-five years in health care administration and extensive experience developing long term and mental health facilities, Brune is confident that the AnthemUSA team could augment Strong’s efforts reach even more Veterans. “There is a serious need for more housing and support services for Veterans,” Brune explains. “We envision Oasis Residential @ Emerson as a site where all of those pieces of the puzzle come together, backed by a strong community of support.”

The renovated site will comprise of six home-like neighborhoods in twelve-to twenty-bed assisted living groups. These living groups will include post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, social anxiety disorder, traumatic brain injury and memory care beds for individuals with mental health, cognitive challenges or other forms of dementia. Residents will also have access to a myriad of classes on-site, intended to help Veterans engage and grow. Included within this campus is an indoor Olympic-sized pool, two gymnasiums, classrooms, theatre, chapel, dining facilities, medical clinic, adult day care and dormitory facilities.

The purpose of the full-range of services and activities planned for Oasis Residential @ Emerson is to establish a strong community where individuals with mental health issues and Veterans can live independent, culturally rich and faithful lives. The facility is built on the belief that a thriving community is an expression of lives that are healthy socially, physically and spiritually.  “Oasis Residential @ Emerson” will be a site where residents can “age in place” and receive faith-based, residential rehabilitative holistic care that maximizes their physical, social and spiritual well-being. 

About AnthemUSA

AnthemUSA, LLC creates community-based planned rehabilitation communities that are designed with serving returning military members and their families in mind. With nearly 200,000 Veterans and their families at risk of homelessness and unemployment, AnthemUSA seeks to provide enhanced housing, educational, and employment opportunities through partnerships and affiliations. AnthemUSA relies on the resources of local and national partners, as well as the background, leadership and experience of its partners to help ensure that Veterans have the resources they need to successfully re-integrate. For more information visit


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