real-estateSupport for returning veterans is about to progress to a whole new dimension. Veteran care is being transformed by a development company and its partners. Anthem USA is rethinking the medical, educational, employment and re-integration needs of veterans, and providing a sustainable model based on housing.

Anthem USA, LLC creates community-based planned rehabilitation communities designed to serve returning military families and retired veterans. With nearly 200,000 veterans and their families at risk of homelessness and unemployment, Anthem USA seeks to provide enhanced housing, education, and employment through partnerships and affiliates. Integral to the mission is collaboration with other organizations that provide support.

Anthem USA relies on the resources of local and national partners, as well as the background, leadership and experience of its partners, to ensure that veterans have the resources they need to successfully re-integrate. We would be pleased to discuss your ideas, plans and suggestions and work together to build or improve conditions for the veterans returning to your community.

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